We are a family run business. Est 1989


The origins of ECP Video and where we're headed next.

Photography is in our blood...Tim’s grandfather, Eric Charles Paine, was a pharmacist and served in the Royal Medical Corps in the Great War. After being discharged because of a medical condition he set up E.C. Paine Chemist in the 1920s. In those days a chemist shop was the only place you could get film developed (because of the chemicals) and he also became a respected photographer. Again after serving in the army his son John (Tim’s father) really got the photographic side of the business going, opening a camera shop next door to the chemist. A successful social and press photographer, John created one of the first colour processing laboratories in the country. Trained in many aspects of photography and processing Tim followed into the family business as it grew and in 1983 set up the video production department. This new area opened up many opportunities from producing pop promos to running road shows. John Paine retired in 1990 and Tim and wife Mandy set up ECP Video. Having witnessed huge changes in equipment and technology, the team at ECP Video still recognise that the basic skills of filming and editing will always be essential.

And so almost a century on George and JJ Paine (Tim’s sons) are continuing the family tradition, using some of the most up-to-date equipment available but still with the most essential skills running through their veins. With George achieving a first at film school and JJ not only a talented photographer but also a master framer. The future of ECP Video is in safe hands as the company continues to be at the forefront of technology and a relentless attitude to five star customer service, something which I'm sure we can all agree seems to be a dying art these days!


Well you did ask!!!!




Tim Paine


Tim Paine has been working in the video production industry since the early 80s. Setting up his own company, ECP Video in 1989, (an offshoot of his father's successful photographic business) Tim has always kept up with the advances in technology and video production techniques. Directing many conferences and video programmes Tim has always maintained a hands on approach and is a highly experienced editor and camera-man. Working with top television presenters and directors Tim's work has been seen around the world in many conferences, training programmes and documentaries.


Mandy Paine


Mandy Paine takes care of all Admin and finance! But she isn’t just tied to the desk all day. Mandy also regularly comes along on filming days offering her assistance as boom operator, production assistant, timecode and shot logger, or just adding an extra pair of hands for many of the important jobs that need doing.


George Paine


George Paine graduated from Bournemouth University with a 1st Class Honours Degree in Television Production in 2011. George's skills lie in 'New Media’ and short form web video content.

Todays' technology has greatly improved the possibilities of creating short-form video content and easily distributing it on the internet through social media networks and other video hosting sites. Nowadays most companies and businesses know the importance of having video on your website and the effect it can have on sales, communication and promotion.

Understanding the quickest, most efficient and most successful ways of using this form of media has become a well recognised skill and is something which George has concentrated on. Working now in the industry at ECP Video for 5 years, George has made multiple short films, documentaries, news features, web commercials, web adverts, promotional videos and dramas, his work has also been showcased at the National Media Museum in Bradford.


JJ Paine


Photography is an art. We can all take a picture. Digital cameras can be cheap and good quality. But to really be able to take what everyone believes to be a good picture you need “The Eye”.

Over the past few years JJ Paine has been creating his own style in creative photography. His work has been used on many websites as well as product packaging on sale worldwide.

Although specialising in marine photography his skills can be applied to a variety of requirements.

Portraits, products, social events, press and creative wall art. JJ’s abilities have given him an enviable reputation. He is even a highly skilled and qualified frame maker being able to use traditional tools to build bespoke handmade frames to a quality rarely seen.

Add to that his capability when using state of the art software, I’m sure you will agree his photographic work is stunning.