Aerial photography and video

We have been flying drones commercially since 2013 and our pilots have amassed hundreds of hours of flying time. The aerial drone side of the business operates under the "Go Aerial Photography & Video" banner.

With safety at the forefront of any flight we have flown in many challenging but interesting areas. Gaining permission to fly in Canary Wharf, following a ship carrying explosives down an estuary, flying down the production line in a TV manufacturing plant in Poland, all achieved some stunning results.

Our Latest Golf Club Fly Overs

Temple Golf Club

The delights of Liphook Golf Club with Ewen Murray

Built to our own specification, our first drone is a large heavy lift 8 rotor aircraft. Versatility was a priority, being able to carry a range of different cameras and lenses was vital. The drone will lift a full sized DSLR camera and maintain a perfectly steady course achieving some outstanding still photographs.

We also operate a smaller drone which carries a 4K video camera.

The drones are operated by a two man crew, both qualified pilots and both experienced cameramen. The pilot flies the drone and the cameraman independently operates the camera via a live video downlink. This means the pilot is 100% focused on flying the aircraft, ensuring absolute safety, while the cameraman is focused on achieving the best quality images.

canary wharf london at sunset

Canary Wharf, London

Rules & Regulations

Safety is always our number one priority. Before we undertake any aerial work, the pilot completes a series of preflight surveys which includes checking the airspace and surrounding area at the proposed location for any restrictions. The pilot is 100% responsible for the safety of everyone within the operating area and it's the pilots decision to fly or not to fly. It’s not just about having the right equipment, it’s also about having the right qualifications, approvals, and a competent crew. We hold the correct licenses, insurances (5m public liability) and Civil Aviation Authority approval, to conduct commercial aerial video and photography work in the UK and some EU countries.

If you require any further information regarding our aerial photography and video services, please contact us.

2 pilots - BNUC-S qualification
As per the Air Navigation Order
5m public liability insurance
2 man crew - cameraman + pilot

How could you use aerial imagery?


Although flying inside presents its own challenges flying with our smaller drone we're able to gain some great views flying along production lines.

Property & Surroundings

15 minutes in the air is all it takes to capture some impressive photographs from multiple angles around a property. The versatility of our drone gives you low & high altitude aerial images or video, previously too difficult or expensive to achieve using the traditional methods of mast or helicopter photography. From still images to a complete promotional video, aerial views capturing your property are guaranteed to show off your property.

Corporate Headquarters & Commercial Property

When taking lower altitude video or photos with our drones, you are able to specify the location, angle and height. We can work to your exact requirements or alternatively you can direct the operator from the client monitor.

Industrial & Survey

Health & Safety is a priority in any industry, we know that more than most having produced hundreds of H&S films for many companies including the HSE. Using our drone takes away much of the risk involved where accessibility is limited. High quality images and video allows you to inspect, survey and plan your work cost effectively with minimum risk but maximum impact.

Events & Teambuilding

What better way than to capture a unique photograph of your event, showing all of your guests from the air. These can be great mementoes from team building exercises or publicising your recent event.

Disaster & Damage Assessment

Using the aerial capabilities of our drones we're able to get a birds eye view of any damage caused by disasters. This can be useful in assessing damage for insurance purposes or even search and rescue situations.

Golf Course Flyovers

Course ‘Fly-overs’ are nothing new; but from a golfers perspective, the problem with high altitude views from a helicopter, is that you never see the true shot you are likely to face. Everything looks flat from hundreds of feet up. Our Low Trajectory Course ‘FLY-THRU’s are completely different and unique! Using our UAV, we follow the trajectory of a ball THRU the course as if the camera was inside, showing golf courses as they’ve never been seen before!

Construction & Development

For a development site this also gives the ability to survey the site from multiple angles and heights and in locations that may be inaccessible to alternative methods. Our pilots are highly trained and also experienced photographers, this ensures that the imagery captured exactly meets your requirements.

Environment & Biodiversity

Biodiversity is a hot topic at the moment, using our drones and the skill of our highly trained pilots, we can capture high altitude views of not only beautiful landscape restoration but also unique images of wildlife in their natural habitat with minimal disruption.


From the deserts of the Middle East to Canary Wharf in London, we've shot countless unique views. With the ability to pack the drone into a compact flight case we're able to travel wherever necessary.

Corporate Video

Great for websites & publications. Aerial imagery can be invaluable for marketing and publicity, be that print, web or multimedia. Aerial views shot from our drone, offer a totally unique and different perspective that previously have been impossible or too expensive to achieve. Provide a flying tour of your business premises, aerial images of your resort complex, or bird's-eye-view of a development site, the possibilities are endless - how could you use Aerial Imagery?