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Mineral Products Association Health & Safety Awards

Since 2001

The MPA have run an annual Health & Safety Awards Scheme for 47 years. ECP Video have been involved producing the video content for the awards since 2001. Members of the MPA are encouraged to share best practice and new and inspirational health and safety innovations through this awards scheme. Videos are produced of the shortlisted entries which are highlighted at the event and then shared throughout various channels. Since 2001 ECP Video have produced over 400 health and safety videos for these awards.

There are 8 categories in the awards and the key aim is to share this information, not only across the extraction industry but also into many other industries from construction to oil and gas.

This year there were 21 entries to be filmed and our role started with co-ordinating and planning the filming of the shortlisted entries. MPA member's sites are spread across the whole of the UK and filming took place in a variety of locations, such as large quarries, asphalt plants, block paving plants, head offices and roadworks to name just a few. Having filmed so many of these entries our crew have gained great experience in working in these locations and in all conditions.


On location filming in Hammersmith, London

Filming Interviews on location in Derbyshire

It's important that we fully understood the entry before we start filming. What was the issue, what is the new solution and most importantly how does it benefit health and safety? Clearly understanding the entry beforehand allows the crew to extract the information by interviewing key personnel and ensures the messages are communicated clearly through the video.

Once the interview(s) were filmed it was then out onto site to film the details of the entry. Be it a physical guard on a piece of equipment or a training program that's being spread across the entirety of the company. Our aim was to create a short video that communicates the key points of the entry - usually about 90 seconds - keeping it engaging to the viewers.

After filming each entry it was then back to the studio and the editing process starts. The interviews were cut, shots selected, graphics were designed and animated and the videos were slowly built up. A first draft video was created and sent back to each company for preview. Upon feedback and approval the videos were edited for a second stage and then sent in to the MPA for their preview and feedback.

Working with this feedback each video was fine tuned and edited, working towards the final show version. On approval the final videos were ready for the show, uploaded and sent to the AV team.

But filming and editing the entry videos wasn't the only part of the project we were involved in.

We created animations, opening stings and infographic films that were featured through the event. One of the most exciting aspects is creating the opening videos or stings. The sting has to be dramatic, high impact, engaging and portray some of the highlights of the event. Each year we create a new sting with a fresh approach, a different angle, using the latest techniques in video effects and sound design.

On the day of the awards the show was recorded on 2 cameras, followed by interviewing some of the winners and a news reel style video which was released the next day. All the videos were uploaded onto the MPA's Youtube channel, and their mobile app where they are shared throughout the industry and beyond.

2400 miles driven - 1500gb of files - 200 cups of coffee - 100+ hours editing - 20+ hours of footage - 24 show films - 7 hours of interviews
1 Happy Client

MPA H&S 2019 Afternoon Opening Film
MPA H&S 2019 Morning Opening Film
Bitumen; Asphalt; Contract Surfacing
Worker Involvement
Transport Initiatives
Occupational Health and Well Being
Contractor Safety
Engineering Initiatives
Reducing Occupational Road Risk
Behavioural Safety; Safety Culture; Leadership
Sir Frank Davies Winner
John Crabbe Winner
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