From Concept to Delivery

Why video?

Using video is one of the most effective ways of boosting awareness of your product, brand or message.

• Video can increase a viewers understanding of a product, service or message
• After watching a video the majority of viewers will be more likely to visit your website and buy a product
• When used in an email, video increases click through rates
• A carefully crafted video will deliver a clear and consistent message to any audience
• In store point of sale videos attract buyers to your product
• Delivers Internal communication to your employees
• Powerful training tool for many applications

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Video Production - Designed to suit your budget.

Whatever you're looking for, take a look below at some examples of our video productions
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"Pieces to camera" and interviews

Using video to communicate to a wide audience is extremely effective and ensures a consistent message is delivered every time. A “talking head” as we call it or even a structured interview can be filmed and edited in just a few hours.
Our well equipped green screen studio and post production facilities, based just south of Newbury, offers you infinite backgrounds, tele prompting, multi cameras - even a cup of coffee - and an experienced and friendly crew to make the whole process run smoothly.

However our crew are also used to shooting interviews virtually anywhere and we have filmed in such diverse locations as the Sahara desert, the bottom of a quarry, at sea on a dredger but more often in the comfort of a clients office.

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Case studies and testimonials

There really is no better way of selling your service than with a 3rd party testimonial from one of your clients. It really does work.

If you have an exciting project you would like to showcase then a short informative case study film is essential.



Product promos and marketing

From garden tools to golf clubs and 3d printers to MRI scanners we have produced promos for  many different products and services. Conferences, in store point of sale displays or on the web, video is a powerful sales tool.

Training & Information

We have produced training films on subjects such as: Communicating bad news to cancer patients, Driving skills, Lock-out procedures, building a swimming pool and operating a blood analyser to name just a few.

Product demonstration videos have taken the internet by storm. Very simple to produce but they do have a very important part to play and will attract many more visitors to your website.



Health & Safety and induction

Since 1999 we have produced over 300 Heath & Safety films for the minerals extraction industry alone. Our team have extensive experience in this area and have covered the whole of the UK and beyond. Induction films have a very important part to play in explaining to staff and external contractors the safety rules and procedures for any company. Viewers tend to retain information far better when delivered via video. Consistency in the delivery of the information is paramount.

Working with actors and presenters

We regularly work with professional actors and presenters, many of which have had experience of working on mainstream TV. The UK TV industry has a very high standard that we all recognise and we aim to achieve that standard in our corporate programmes. Adding a professional actor to front a programme or using a TV presenter to demonstrate a product, for example, adds a huge amount of credibility. Being experienced in front of the camera can save hours of production time and therefore can be more cost effective than using amateurs or in house personnel.

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Digital film production

A complex production may take weeks or even months to produce. The process starts with an initial brief and then goes on through scripting, storyboarding, filming, editing, mixing and mastering. We not only have the skills for making TV quality videos but also the tools. Our extensive filming equipment is backed up by powerful editing facilities keeping the whole process in house.