Digital photographic services

Well photographed products and images can be the difference between making a sale or not. With online sales steadily continuing to rise against retail sales the importance of displaying your products has never been more important. Without a shop, a website selling products is your "Shopfront". You want your website to reflect the quality of the items you're selling and importantly you want to build trust with the customer. Using high quality, professional product images ensures the customer is viewing the product in as much detail as possible without physically seeing the product.

Utilising white studio backgrounds we can capture clean, minimalist images displaying just the product on it's own. Alternatively we can visit locations and create lifestyle images that tie in with your branding.

Flexibility is one of our key values and we are often required to shoot all over the the UK. We appreciate that conditions may not always be perfect, and therefore schedules may need to change at the last minute. We understand this and work closely with our clients to meet their requirements. Turnaround time is of high importance to us as projects often require the images to be used soon after being taken. We have the ability to process and turn around images whilst shooting out on location or from our office and uploaded ready to be distributed.



Product Display Installation

Working on location, we can shoot employee portraits, images of business facilities, and photograph events. At  certain events if required we can adopt a documentary type style, discreetly blending into the background and capturing images from a distance without making attendees feel uneasy, self conscious and causing disturbance. At the other end of the spectrum, we can supply our portable studio with lights and full length background to capture formal portraits of your guests.

We  are firm believers that it's not just about having the equipment, to be a photographer you must also have what we call "the eye" to see and capture the best image, and the confidence and expertise to professionally direct your subjects.