We are currently organising the logistics to film the various MPA Health & Safety 2017 entries across the country starting from mid August/late September.

ECP Video have worked on the Health and Safety Awards since 2001, producing hundreds of videos and therefore gaining a wealth of experience in this field.

To get the ball rolling and to enable us to be flexible with pricing we will require a few suitable dates in late August/September that fit in with your activities - plus all the other useful information we need in order to complete a booking and schedule in your filming. (There is a form below but please read all this information first).

The crew will be filming all the entries across the country and are aiming to film sites in groups according to their location. This means we can keep to a fixed cost, as we can organise your site's filming on the same day as another site nearby (or the following morning/day if we do an overnight).

The cost for the production of each short film is £900.00 + VAT which includes a 3 hour filming session, all the editing, travel and expenses. A preview file will be sent through to you for approval and any amends made before the video is released.

Most of the videos are based around one or more interviews with key personnel. This keeps the videos more conversational and less scripted. The crew are highly experienced and will work with you on the questions if you would like. They are also used to making interviewees feel at ease, however we can, as an alternative, add a professional voice over at an extra cost.

We will supply a High Definition version for your own use as well as a submitting a shortened version for the awards show to MPA. The full video will also be uploaded to www.safequarry.com after the event.

If however your site can only be filmed on a specific day, and we cannot tie this in with another site nearby, we may have to charge an additional fee mainly to cover travel expenses. We will do our absolute best to try and tie up sites within similar areas/regions/dates but we do need to have a few dates so we can work with everyone's diaries.

We have in recent years had requests to carry out further filming/photography on certain sites, or to film extra in order for a longer,  or different video to be made for the company to use in their own way. This can be arranged and we are more than happy to quote for any extra work you may require in order to make the most of having the film crew available to you on the day.

We will try to get drone aerial views at each site (depending on weather and location), of course working within the rules and regulations set by the Civil Aviation Authority we have to adhere by in order to fly our drone within our commercial operators licence. We will have to look at each site individually and do a pre-site survey in order to determine if we can fly or not, but we will be aiming to get as many aerial views as possible during the filming this year.

Additionally we can offer extra drone aerial services should you wish, the crew can take any specific photos or videos of your site or operations from the air, this again we can discuss with you individually and we can quote accordingly depending on requirements.

Firstly if you could fill in all the information as per the form below and most importantly supply us with some dates that are suitable for filming. We will then confirm a filming day and time. This will likely be confirmed around mid August at the earliest, as we have to wait for all the entries to submit their booking information before we can begin grouping and tie-ing up filming dates between sites. Normally it will be a 3 hour morning or afternoon session, however depending on the subject matter we can be flexible so as to fit in with a specific time to film a task or procedure.

Please could you also send us your entry form to tim@ecpvideo.co.uk and we will contact you to discuss the filming procedure and content.

If you have any questions please call us on 01635 278708 or email tim@ecpvideo.co.uk

Please note from Monday 31st July to Friday 11th August we are on annual leave celebrating a family wedding. Our emails will be checked regularly and also voice mail on 07768 363276.

Please fill out the form below, or alternatively download this blank word document, fill in and return to tim@ecpvideo.co.uk


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