Websites & online presence

As part of our expansion, we're now able to offer an exciting range of new online services.

  • Website design
  • Online Course Creation
  • Online Training Management
  • Blog design
  • Website maintenance
  • Using & understanding social media
  • YouTube & Vimeo gallery creation
  • Managed video archives

Did you know 2.4 billion people (and rising!) use the internet every day, and 90% of those have contacted a business or purchased something in the last 12 months. And so you can imagine how important it is to have a functional and presentable website to maximise the impact on your audience.

Traditionally website design was perceived as being very expensive and in some cases it was. However the way websites are built has changed dramatically with emerging technology you might be surprised as to how little it may cost to have a new website designed by us.


Working with Katherine Graves and her team we were able to produce over 12 hours of streamed video content to create an online course for customers to complete in the comfort of their own homes.

GoAerial, our sister company & another website designed in-house

Penny Ferguson, founder of The Living Leader's personal website

"Great new website for @PennyFerguson1 by @ECPVideo1" - Lucy Gourlay | The Living Leader

Marcus Maslin Massage Therapy, a local business who came to us for a website

"When needing my website designed, I didn't really know where to start, but the guys at ECP Video were incredible, and with their skills and in depth knowledge, I now have a professional and personal website that I'm absolutely over the moon with. I couldn't recommend them highly enough."

We have developed our services to evolve with the latest development in digital media – 20 years ago our studio had over 100 video tape machines, today we have none – we have always been at the forefront of technological advancements in the industry. Video, photography, multi – media have all merged and for many years now we have been advising our clients on how to brief their web designers and advising web designers how to use video.

So now as part of our expansion we are offering this exciting new service bringing all the aspects of what we do together. We've designed and created our websites all in house. We maintain a presence on social media as well as on our blog to give people an insight as to what we're all about and provide a more personal touch for our customers.

If we can do this for ourselves then we can do it for you…

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